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Borderlands 2 unlimited inventory slots

When you're in 'play mode.g., in the middle of a battle, you can hit the 1 key to automatically switch to the weapon in this slot.
So, you got everything ready you'll probably think.
Later you'll know why.
So buy to fill the slots and go back to "Buy Back" tab and buy back your items.
Important: If you exceed about 70 items or more, your Backpack menu may get stuck at times but can be easily dealt with by selecting and item in the holding slot than go back to the Backpack list.So now you are full and can't pick anything.Sell all your 4 Guns in your holding slots to the Machine/Marcus.Important Note about Vending Machine/Marcus/Zed.

Finally, where are you in the game itself?
Timezone (for schedule) and geographical location (for lag) can also be significant.
You can click on either of these to designate the weapon/item as a favorite or as trash respectively.
This will bring up two weapon stat cards with the weapon you initially highlighted for comparision now highlighted in green.Lets's assumed that you have 18 scrap guns to drops.15 to 20 items as I re-called.A red down simulatore schedina lotto arrow means the stat on this weapon is not as good as the one it's being compared.Buy it back immediately and exit Vending Machine/Marcus.Back to screenshot class Mod Slot, class mods are special pieces of equipment that are specific to each of the character classes.If you play well, you could finish the game with over 200,000 to spare!Could you maybe be so kind and elevate my knowledge equally to yours?When you're in 'play mode you can hit the 2 key to automatically switch to the weapon in this slot.If you don't have any at all, you still can.Another side note: The only caveat of this is that you can't do it if the charactor you play when you find a mod for another charactor.Here's an example of what you'll see in your Inventory Equipped view early in the game: And the following is a rundown of what's going on: Equipped Weapon Slot #1, available to be filled with a favorite weapon when you start the game.So, now that you have beyond 39 items in your Backpack.I tried adding slots via the raw tab multiple times but they never stay after removing an item from the bank.