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In the offices of Downton Group, a firm based near Gloucester that delivers everything from magazines to tea, signs are in English and Polish.
Grimsbys port welcomes everything from Russian wood-pallets to French cars.
The countrys 70,000-odd haulage companies compete closely on cost.Lobby groups estimate that the road-haulage industry is keno visser tot short of 45,000 drivers (the government agrees).One reason for the labour shortage is that people do not fancy the work.In March the government announced that trials would start soon.In real terms it has fallen.

Some firms, like Downton, pay for their employees training.
And the hours are long.
There is only one haulage apprenticeship within 40 miles of Grimsby, gioco poker gratis senza soldi offering a measly annual wage of 7,000.But in recent years, like many other British industries, they have skimped on investment.In the transportation and storage sector, private capital spending is 4 lower than in 2008.Firms may think that marginal improvements are hardly worth the expense when driverless lorries are on the way (see article ).Yet in the very same town an industry is crying out for workers.So fleets are getting older: in 2006-15 the proportion of vehicles on the road aged ten or more years rose from 23.But on the road, finding decent food or a shower can be tough.Some bosses use the camera to bully drivers into doing more work.Generally, however, haulage companies are reluctant to fund such courses, since it is all too easy for a rival to poach employees trained up at their expense.

A former hairdresser, she always wanted to drive heavy-goods vehicles, a rare thing in an industry where women make up just 1 of drivers.